The beach 'long beach' is located 1500 metres from the villa and includes various larger and smaller beaches that are located along the beautiful coastline. Here you can also find various restaurants, shops and bars.


The centre of Kusadasi is located at ca 10 km from the villa. A dolmus (small van) stops every five minutes in front of the villa park to take you to Kusadasi for a small fee.


The city has a beautiful authentic centre with a nice port where international cruise ships anchor. 20 km from the villa lies the old port town Efeze, where you can visit many buildings from ancient times which are perfectly preserved. International airports like Izmir (65km) and Bodrum (120km) provide excellent accessibility. Other sightseeing areas are: Didim, Pamukkale, Samos a national park (Mili Park) and three aqua parks. Besides, there are enough possibilities for boat trips along the coast line and water sports. The nightlife in Kusadasi is excellent. You ca party all night long in the many disco's and bars. For the colder months the villa is provided with central heating which makes the house excellent for spending the winter!



10 reasons to Kusadasi to go

1) Kusadasi definitely has the nicest and most elaborate shopping centre of the touristic area in Turkey. "Shop till you drop"  for amazing prices.


2) The city has one of the busiest cruise ship harbors of the Mediterranean sea. The ships anchor very close to the mall. The biggest, most expensive and beautiful ships anchor at this harbour! It is amazing to see!


3) Of all the archaeological diggings in the Mediterranean area, Efeze is probably one of the most impressive ones with the remains of the Artemis-temple. It is only 17 km from Kusadasi and provides Kusadasi with its right to exist. A typical 'Must see' which is worth it! This is a top cultural site of your holiday!


4) Pamukkale is one of the seven World wonders of nature. This area is under supervision of UNESCO and is together with the Agia Sophia in Istanbul, Capadocia (moon like scenery with a lot of caves) east of Ankara and Efese one of the four important things to see in Turkey. It is 200 km from Kusadasi, but still very close!


5) Kusadasi has the best climate of Turkey. It can be very hot in the summer, but not as hot as in Antalya or Alanya. The humidity grade is also a lot lower. Pre- and Post season is the best time for people who want to be active and sunbathers. The winters are mild and cool.


6) Two of the top 10 aqua parks of Europe are located in Kusadasi. And they are even located besides each other! You feel like doing something and therefore you can have an amazing day in this park! For children from 1 year till 91 years old this is the best activity of the vacation! What a thrill!


7) The biggest national park of Turkey is located 20 km south of the city. Beautiful beaches (sand and pebble-stone) and impressive nature with mountaintops which reach 1200m above sea level. Uuntouched flora and fauna live here which makes the area a paradise for hikers, nature lovers and sunbathers.


8) For the real culture lovers there is no better place than Kusadasi! An enormous amount of beauty concentrated in one region! The possibilities are huge! The cities you must see are: Efeze, Aphrodisias, Claros, Milenne, Prienne, Didyma, Heraklia, Halikarnos, Bergama, etc, etc. You need a couple of vacations if you want to see all of them! It is amazing what went down here in history.This is where you relive history!


9) Because Kusadasi used to be an important international harbour (scala nova), the population had build an tradition in hospitality! According to lots of visitors Turkey has the nicest, western orientated people of Turkey.


10) In case you want to see and experience the real Turkey, Kusadasi is the perfect place of all Turkish holiday areas. The reason is the big amount of other villages and cities located in the area. Selcuk, Soke, Aydin, Mugla, Gumeldur, Kirazlikoy, Davutlar, Guzel-camlik, etc. and of course Turkeys thord big city: Izmir.


Besides the city offers everything hat every other place also offers, but better and more beautiful! Sun, sea and amazing beaches! And of course an amazing nightlife! Kusadasi is worth your holiday! Come over and experience it yourself!